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How do you solve a problem like Megson?

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I wrote this as a comment on Manny Road’s post about him leaving the BWFC blogging scene because of his disilluionment with the clubs current management. Enjoy.


I agree with a lot of what you wrote here Chris. I’ve tried to support Megson as best I can, but I’m not fooling anyone anymore after that performance. The thing is, there are the foundations for something half-decent. For every two bad signings Megson has made, he’s made one decent one e.g. Zat Knight and Paul Robinson for Gretar Steinsson, Sean Davis and Gavin McCann for Lee Chung-Yung/whatever the house style is. This hit-and-miss style is identical to his selection policy. We have a solid team – when they are picked. After some poor performances, Megson dropped Knight this weekend. Great decision. But he then changes the midfield to a duo that never worked at the start of the season or throughout last season – Gavin McCann and Fabrice Muamba. The pair can’t shoot for toffee, and there’s more creativity in…well…I can’t even finish this metaphor they’re so terrible together. I don’t know any other manager who insists on playing two defensive midfielders at home against a team we should be drawing with at the very least.

And still Megson keeps the man, the myth, the legend that is Johan Elmander in the team. Now I want this to be as clear as I can possibly make this. Johan Elmander is the worst striker I have ever seen in a Bolton Wanderers shirt. But will he start our next match? Probably. He must be kissing some serious arse in the dressing room to keep getting in the team.

The thing that is most frustrating is that we have played well this season, and we have the players to play well. Against Tottenham and Everton this season, our attackers played with freedom and confidence, running at players and going past them. We have the players to play well and to attack effectively. Ideally, my perfect team would be: Jaaskelainen – Samuel, Cahill, O’Brien, Steinsson – Gardner, Muamba, M Davies, Chung-Yung – K Davies, Klasnic. Pace, power, aggression and creativity. I don’t see why this team can’t be picked, or why it couldn’t succeed. Oh wait, there’s one thing – How do you solve a problem like Megson?


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November 23, 2009 at 11:54 pm

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The Elmander effect

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Over the past month or so, I’ve got used to seeing Bolton play some decent football. Enjoyable football, so much so that it didn’t feel like a chore going to the Reebok. The watershed moment was the abysmal match against Stoke, where we were outplayed by Stoke. It’s worth re-reading the last bit of that sentence. Since then, at home against Spurs and Everton, the team look energetic, creative, and the players look like they’re enjoying playing for the club. The main difference for me has been the lack of Johan Elmander, who returned to the team yesterday against Chelsea.

Instead of playing with freedom of expression, Megson opted for a defensive line-up lacking in width to try and nullify Chelsea’s midfield. The problem with that is that you rely on your striker(s) to hold the ball up and when there are chances, to get the ball on target. Elmander did neither throughout the match, I’ve lost patience with the Swede, and I can’t defend him anymore. He’s worse than Bobby Zamora. Fact. To demonstrate this point, I’ll compare his 90 minutes to Ivan “2 kidneys” Klasnic’s cameo last week against Everton, thanks to Guardian Chalkboards.

klasnic vs everton

Klasnic had three shots. All were on target and from different distances and places on the pitch. What more could you ask from your striker? Now, Elmander vs Chelsea from yesterday:

elmander vs chelsea

Elmander had three shots in 90 minutes. In better positions than Klasnic, and he still couldn’t manage to get them on target. I wouldn’t mind, but the two shots were within minutes of each other. This just isn’t good enough for a Premier League striker.

We didn’t lose 4-0 because of Elmander, we lost because the team was ultra defensive, which worked for 45 minutes until Samuel was sent off. We came out of our shell a little more in the second half, and Gardner running with the ball definitely made a difference. But we still insisted on playing long balls and crosses from just inside the half-way line, which were useless, as Elmander is truly abysmal in the air. Look at the number of successful crosses vs Everton (without Elmander):

successful crosses vs everton 

And vs Chelsea (with Elmander):

successful crosses vs chelsea

True, this will be due to the fact Chelsea have a better defence than Everton. But Heitinga isn’t a pushover, and neither is Yobo. But look at the number of unsuccessful crosses vs Chelsea:

unsuccessful crosses vs chelsea

Elmander is so useless in the air, it defies logic as to why we tried to cross into the box almost one every five minutes. Look at the number of unsuccessful crosses vs Everton:

unsuccessful crosses vs everton

Against Everton, in total, we made 18 crosses, winning 39% of them. Against Chelsea in total, we made a total of 23 crosses, winning just 9% of them. Why, when Elmander is in the team, do we make more crosses into the box when we know how useless he is? I have no idea why we are more predisposed to hit crap crosses in the box when he plays, but we do. It doesn’t work, and he needs to go.

Written by bjobbo

November 1, 2009 at 1:04 pm