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Paula Murray

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I should be reading about ethics now or typing up notes for a future of journalism presentation, but I’m so incensed

Paula Murray

Paula Murray

right now I can’t concentrate on it. I’ve just read the Paula Murray story she wrote for the Sunday Express in Scotland (text here, page PDFs here and here). Firstly, let’s start with the Dunblane Massacre. On the 13th March 1996, 43 year old Thomas Hamilton walked into a school in Dunblane, Scotland, with four guns and more than 700 cartridges. He shot sixteen children and one teacher, before killing himself at the scene.


It makes me so angry to be classed as a journalist when crap like this makes the front page. It’s terrible journalism. Worst examples include:

“A number of the youngsters, now 18, have posted shocking blogs and photographs of themselves on the Internet, 13 years after being sheltered from public view in the aftermath of the atrocity.”

“His pictures include images of him gesturing with one finger, and posing in London as a “Scottish terrorist” with a scarf around his face. It is a far cry from the image of the smiling boy in the back row of …’s class.”

The worst: “On his page, … – who was shot twice and described as “extremely lucky” to survive – says he enjoys playing the guitar. He has posted pictures of his eighteenth birthday celebrations but makes no mention of the tragedy thirteen years ago.”

What the f*ck does that have to do with anything? So, they don’t want to publicly display their memories or experiences one of the most horrific moments of history over the past 50 years. Is that strange? Of course it isn’t. Funnily enough, these people want to try and move on, but are being chastised for it by a very, very poor journalist who brings shame to our profession. Who thought this was a good story?

This is terrible, terrible journalism and makes me feel so ashamed to be tarred with the same brush.

I found out about the story through Dave Gorman and through Bloggerheads, Tygerland and The Pickards.

What do you think of the story?


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March 16, 2009 at 9:55 pm

My collection

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For some it’s shoes, others it’s stamps or books. For me, it’s DVDs. Here are the film’s I’ve bought over the past year but have yet to watch:

DVDs to be watched

DVDs to be watched

They’re part of this collection:

More DVDs

More DVDs

There are more dotted around the family (my dad must have about 10 others) but I’m always looking to expand it. It’s costly. Makes me happy though. I used to want to see the IMDB top 250 films. I think I’ve seen about 100 of them up to now, but I generally try to watch whatever Dr K. likes. You should too.

Would you recommend anything? I’m off to watch Mulholland Drive 🙂

Night x

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March 2, 2009 at 11:44 pm

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Gary Megson’s six-week turnaround

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Further to my previous post, I think we’ve made some real progress over the past month/six weeks.

Sat January 17 – Bolton 0 – 1 Manchester Utd

Megson brings on Seb Puygrenier for his first appearance with less than 10 minutes left, making three centre backs. Disaster as O’Brien and Puygrenier get mixed up – Berbatov scores. Megson hasn’t tried the three centre-backs trick since.

Wed January 28 – Blackburn 2 – 2 Bolton

We give away a two goal advantage. But a point away is still a point in a relegation scrap.

Sat January 31 – Bolton 3 – 2 Spurs

Bolton give away another two goal lead – but win. A big improvement from three days before. The win showed great spirit even though it looked like a repeat from three days earlier.

Sat February 7 – Everton 3 – 0 Bolton

Ahem. A blip. Well don’t you have bad days? (This is where my improvement timeline falls down a bit).

Sat February 21 – Bolton 2 – 1 West Ham

Another two-nil lead – but this time, we hold on. The crowd are behind the team, and we survive. Some good play and a relatively solid defensive performance.

Sun March 1 – Bolton 1 – 0 Newcastle

Megson switched the team around at half time, showing that his substitutions are improving (see Manchester Utd game above). And just to show the improvement – that was our first clean sheet since November 8 against Hull.

What do you think of the six week course then?

The Megson Debate – part 1

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Credit: Sky Sports

Credit: Sky Sports

I’m writing this a short time after the Newcastle game, which was for the most part a crap match to watch. We won, and played relatively badly – a good knack to have, and I believe for the most part it’s down to Megson.

When I first heard the rumour that Megson could be our manager after Sammy Lee, I texted my dad. He responded by saying “Are you having a laugh?”. When I texted him saying that he is our new manager, he didn’t respond.

Now though, his view has changed and so has mine. Manny Road asked the question should he be awarded a new contract, and without hesitation my answer is yes.

The main reason is that I see that Megson is learning from his mistakes and shortcomings – not something that Big Sam could do. When we were 0-0 against Manchester United, Sebastien Puygrenier on for his first appearance. It was a terrible decision – O’Brien and Seb got into a mix up, and Berbatov scored in the last minute. Too many cooks spoil the broth and all that. Since then, when we’ve been in a similar situation to that, he hasn’t brought another centre-back on. A big improvement.

Today, when Mark Davies was wasted on the right, he took Muamba off at half-time and brought Gardner on. We desperately needed pace.  Within two minutes of the restart, M Davies had taken control of a few balls in midfield, and we were 1-0 ahead. I like his more reactive style rather than Big Sam’s “If it doesn’t work first time, keep knocking”.  This is seen in the type of football we play when the mood takes us. An example today was the Elmander chance (he should have got a hat-trick today). Excellent passing down the right (I know I contradicted myself in the previous paragraph but this was a rare moment) with Steinsson bombing down the wing which he’s done all too rarely over the last few months.

I remember many, many times under Big Sam’s era when Nicky Hunt would start crossing balls into Davies from the half-way line. It was horrible, uninventive and ineffective. But would Sam change it? Never. It would be 90 minutes of crap long balls. Effective, but horrible to watch. I’ve been really impressed with some of our play this season, and it’s rare that I’ve seen Steinsson/Cahill/O’Brien belt the ball at Davies’ head with no-one around him.

Megson isn’t perfect though, and I’ll give some of my criticisms in another post…this one’s getting a bit long.

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March 1, 2009 at 9:08 pm